Fashionably Forward @ MUCFD

Hello everyone.  A couple of weekends ago was a big fashion weekend for Miami University. Incase you missed out on any of the action here are a few videos for you to enjoy.

Day1 and Day 2 – This is Day one at the Miami University Fashion show. This year’s theme was Sustain the Runway.

Sustainablity is a relatively new concept for fashion.  Here are some key terms to understanding Sustainability within design.

Sustainablity   is responsibility for the environment,  responsible production and responsible materials.
Sustainable design encompass three main aspects:
•    Social –  a company or clothing line that donates to humanitarian and environmental causes.
•    Material – natural, renewable fibers;synthetic fabrics that contain high recycled content; managed toxics in all product finishes and dyes; salvaged and recycled materials for retail fixtures. Materials can either be reused or recycled in order to ensure there is the least waste possible
•    Aesthetic – styles and product details that are considered, timeless, and able to move seamlessly through the day .  Styles are designed to be worn for many seasons to come.

Peace. Love. And Fashion


Natasha Kelly. New York, NY

Natasha is a student radio personality for WMSR and hosts The Hip Hop Experience. She is also a DJ uptown at many local venues. I was intrigued by her laid back and street smart style. Just as street wear styles form the eights and early nineties return to the fashion scene, Natasha Kelly stays ahead of the trend.  Natasha pairs a track jackets with dark washed jeans, gold or silver earrings and one of her many pairs of brightly colored sneakers from her collection. Her clothes match her essence. She is vibrant, musical and a breath of fresh air when it comes to original style. Natasha says her look best compliments her moods and reflects her musical tastes. As a self proclaimed member of the hip hop community, Natasha supports hip hop endorsed clothing and lines designed by the artists themselves.

Be inspired. Word.

Peace. Love and Fashion.


Fashionably Forward Video Episode 2

This is the second episode of Fashionably Forwards video segments.  I interviewed Katie Carter, a senior Graphic design major to see what inspires her style.  As a fashion risk-taker, Carter says she loves the eighties and considers it her go to fashion era. She enjoys wearing bright colors and heels.  A collective of fashions from the 1950’s to the 1980’s inspires her “mod” minimalist chic look.  Her closet serves as a sort of time machine cataloging all the fashion decades that inspire Carter. As a kid in middle school, Carter says she was addicted to Nick at Nite, watching all the reruns of many classic television series and slowly constructing her retro style.  Carter’s look is an ode feminine fashion through pop culture.  Her ultimate style Icon is Lucile ball From the I love Lucy show.  Katie says that Lucy shows a fun quirky side of fashion; wearing polka dots and puffy doll dresses. The comedic style of the I love Lucy show is reflected in, Lucy’s flirty, fun, and chic wardrobe choices.  The bright red lipsticks from the fifties and the futuristic shoulder pads of the eighties inspire Carter to create a fusion of multi-generational clothing.

Be inspired

Peace. Love. and Fashion


Originality Still Exists

This is the first video episode of Fashionably Forward. In this new video segment, I will spotlight graphic designers, fashion designers, d-j’s , photographers and other creative people with style.  This series of short 2 min clips highlight the true reflection of individual style that surrounds us everyday.

Heather Mangin is a Senior Graphic Design Major with a fun sense of fashion. This year has been extremely hectic for Mangin Between creating portfolios for job interviews, and designing and marking intern for the Miami Rec center, Heather still finds time to fit in a visit to her favorite stores Anthropology and BCBG MaxAriza.  According to Heather, fashion does not have to make sense, in actuality that is the point.  She is most adamant about originality. She assures her look is feminine, flowy, and uses practical layers but not cookie-cutter. Mangin also uses fashion as a self expression and a reflection of her inner growth from an unsure and loungey style phase to confident, comfortable, and polished.  Style is a sense of individually. It is a collective movement that is constantly growing and changing with trends and personal growth. Heather’s motivation and bubbly personality are best reflected in her graphic design work and wardrobe. Get inspired.

Peace. Love and Fashion. – AB

Happy Halloween-How to Rock a Michael Jackson Costume and other Good costumes

Halloween- This is a long post scroll down and read to the very end!

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It’s the time of the year when women parade around in the night scantly clad prancing in the streets from party to party masquerade-style. No, I’m not talking about Carnival, I’m talking about Halloween! When was the last time you saw a sexy woman’s costume that was not shamefully slutty? Probably a while, yet there’s always hope with a few per year spiced in the crowd of overtly revealing attire.

Ladies! Costumes should be sexy…not slutty! To often on Miami’s campus and other college campuses I have seen costumes that are terribly revealing. It makes me want to revoke the statement “if you got it flaunt it”  A more modified version of an outrageous costume can prove to be fun and original  instead of obnoxious. But, if you’re going for obnoxious or more provoking then it works. However, the most important thing is to be original. Halloween is fun! Don’t copy everyone else’s costume be creative!

Top 5 Classy Sexy Costumes

1)   1930’s flapper

2)   Pirate

3)   Egyptian Queen

4)   Flight attendant

5)   Sexy Princess

*Note a flattering sexy costume can run between $50-100.  The splurge is worth it!! Cheap costumes can and will look slutty and inappropriate.

Remember if you got it…flaunt it more tastefully!

sexy egyptian costumepirate costumeprincessflapper 1flapper 2flight attendent

This year the Michael Jackson costume will be quintessential. Recently during a fall issue of Haper’s Bazaar photoshoot model Agyness Deyn posed as the late musical legend Michel Jackson. She captured the essence of his spirit through style mimicking his poses and facial expressions. Deyn showcases Michel Jackson’s most memorable outfits:

agyness-deyn-michael-jackson 2agyness-deyn-michael-jackson 3agyness-deyn-michael-jackson 5agyness-deyn-michael-jackson 6agyness-deyn-michael-jackson1



Fall Trends…and Homecoming

It’s homecoming weekend….

It’s Friday—Officially the weekend. It’s time to showcase the best of your wardrobe that has been suppressed all week. Put the sweat Pants away, (and the Northfaces and Sperry’s too).

This weekend is homecoming! Break out the heels, dressy flats and party. Our school has very modest school (sports) spirit so I’m focusing on staying fly for the entire weekend.

First up, BSAA annual homecoming dance is in Shriver from 9p.m- 1a.m. The theme is the red carpet! Roll out the couture…….well at least DRESS UP!

So I’m suggesting some dresses and flirty fall styles to glam up the weekend.

Fall Trends for the weekend

First pair a flirty cocktail with this fall’s hottest commodity: the leather jacket

This look can transcend from homecoming events and parties straight to high street.

A rouched dress: Ladies! Folds are in this season. Pair up a dress with a short jacket…

On your HEELS…, ankle booties, sky high platform stilettos,  round toe pumps!

Enjoy the unseasonably warm weather, Drink up! And Don’t spill drinks on people…we spend too much time putting our outfits together.

Peace. Love. And fashion.


BCBG Runway

BCBG Fall 2009 Runway show