Happy Halloween-How to Rock a Michael Jackson Costume and other Good costumes

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It’s the time of the year when women parade around in the night scantly clad prancing in the streets from party to party masquerade-style. No, I’m not talking about Carnival, I’m talking about Halloween! When was the last time you saw a sexy woman’s costume that was not shamefully slutty? Probably a while, yet there’s always hope with a few per year spiced in the crowd of overtly revealing attire.

Ladies! Costumes should be sexy…not slutty! To often on Miami’s campus and other college campuses I have seen costumes that are terribly revealing. It makes me want to revoke the statement “if you got it flaunt it”  A more modified version of an outrageous costume can prove to be fun and original  instead of obnoxious. But, if you’re going for obnoxious or more provoking then it works. However, the most important thing is to be original. Halloween is fun! Don’t copy everyone else’s costume be creative!

Top 5 Classy Sexy Costumes

1)   1930’s flapper

2)   Pirate

3)   Egyptian Queen

4)   Flight attendant

5)   Sexy Princess

*Note a flattering sexy costume can run between $50-100.  The splurge is worth it!! Cheap costumes can and will look slutty and inappropriate.

Remember if you got it…flaunt it more tastefully!

sexy egyptian costumepirate costumeprincessflapper 1flapper 2flight attendent

This year the Michael Jackson costume will be quintessential. Recently during a fall issue of Haper’s Bazaar photoshoot model Agyness Deyn posed as the late musical legend Michel Jackson. She captured the essence of his spirit through style mimicking his poses and facial expressions. Deyn showcases Michel Jackson’s most memorable outfits:

agyness-deyn-michael-jackson 2agyness-deyn-michael-jackson 3agyness-deyn-michael-jackson 5agyness-deyn-michael-jackson 6agyness-deyn-michael-jackson1




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