Fashionably Forward @ MUCFD

Hello everyone.  A couple of weekends ago was a big fashion weekend for Miami University. Incase you missed out on any of the action here are a few videos for you to enjoy.

Day1 and Day 2 – This is Day one at the Miami University Fashion show. This year’s theme was Sustain the Runway.

Sustainablity is a relatively new concept for fashion.  Here are some key terms to understanding Sustainability within design.

Sustainablity   is responsibility for the environment,  responsible production and responsible materials.
Sustainable design encompass three main aspects:
•    Social –  a company or clothing line that donates to humanitarian and environmental causes.
•    Material – natural, renewable fibers;synthetic fabrics that contain high recycled content; managed toxics in all product finishes and dyes; salvaged and recycled materials for retail fixtures. Materials can either be reused or recycled in order to ensure there is the least waste possible
•    Aesthetic – styles and product details that are considered, timeless, and able to move seamlessly through the day .  Styles are designed to be worn for many seasons to come.

Peace. Love. And Fashion


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